Professional Webdesign

Webdesign mean for us that you as the owner of the website feel at home. and a website should be clear and easy. At Djskinproductions your website can be prepared so that the most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome can view the pages correctly and if you require, we can also build webpages for PDA's, Smartphone's and tablet PC's


Djskinproductions offers you the following services:
  • Affordable Webdesign
  • Logo design
  • Edit photos for your website
  • Applications for domain name registration
  • Applications of Web Hosting
  • Maintenance of your existing Website

Support Your browser HTML5?

check it here Html5test Browsers that support in the latest versions of HTML Google Chrome and Morzilla Firefox and Safati at this moment less populair browserInternet Explorer 9 And higher. You can read it at the website of HTML5test. if the original version of Internet Explorer 10 is released Then thare is a great support for HTML5 Microsoft testdrive